Friday, November 28, 2008

LOST IT!!!!!

I almost lost all of my Cosmo Cricut stuff that I received as Design Team member at Scrapcity! I went to get started on the 4 layouts that I have to do and couldn't find ANY of it. I had left it all in the box it was shipped in so that it wouldn't get mixed up with my own stuff. My husband had taken the trash out the night before! Yes, you guessed it! He thought it was trash. We were blessed in that the garbage was picked up a day early and we missed it. I was out early Thanksgiving morning in the pouring rain looking for my box of stuff. Found it - thank goodness! Now to get busy!

If only I'd had my camera clicking away! I might stage a photo - it would make a great layout.


kyllimarjaana said...

Oh what a story .

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Glad you found it!

jonaks said...

yes, it will make a good lay-out. thank goodness you were able to get it back.