Thursday, November 6, 2008

Layout Tallies - 61 finished in October!

Wow! I've been keeping a running track of my layouts for each month. Thankfully for 2 Sassy Scrappers I've been able to list all my creations for the months of September and October on their site in a special tally for each month. I'm really embarrassed that I've won the Tally both during Sept and Oct, and I'm afraid that I'll scare off the others into thinking that they won't have a chance. I was asking my husband what to do, and he suggested that I keep the tally on my Blog. He always comes up with the best ideas!
So over on the right hand column towards the bottom is a list of all the layouts that I made during October. I didn't list the cards or the mini album.
Now I have a question for everyone. I'm going to be adding my November list towards the top of the right hand column. Should I give a link for each layout or just do a list?????

Oh, in case you're interested: I did 26 layouts during August, 66 during Sept, and 61 during Oct.


L said...

ROFL!!! We do the tally for fun!! Don't worry about "scaring" anyone off. ;)

twinklescrapbooks said...

Oh my stars! That's a lotta layouts! I need to be more productive. :)

Michelle said...

Oh my holy moly!!!

61 and 66!!! You are one scrappin' DIVA!! I'm in awe!